American Grappling Tournament OKC Sept 2017

My 2nd jiu jitsu tournament was this past weekend and I am extremely happy about the experience I had.

First of all, I met so many people especially other ladies from other schools and everyone was so friendly and the vibe of the whole place was positive and fun.

Also, it was the first time I ever won anything ever in my life. I got 3rd in no gi and 2nd in gi! I got my first submission (ezekiel) in gi so that was the highlight for sure for me. (ok then the 1st place winner sealed her 1st place spot by getting me with the same thing 😂😂 but hey I’m still proud of myself) I was soooooo nervous but all the comradry made me loosen up. Also, winning a couple matches helped, too! 😁 Can’t wait to keep working, learning, growing.


jiu jitsu-ish

One of my coaches said I was starting to move more jiu jitsu-ish earlier this week! 😂😂😂😂😂 at last I am starting to get it! Really though, I have been “feeling” the movements more the last couple classes and I feel like while my body is starting to remember things more my mind is thinking more clearly also while I’m rolling….everything is just becoming more in sync. What is funny is I took almost 2 weeks off until this week with life stuff going on but my mind is clearer now. Now I feel recharged and excited to keep improving.

August is busy

My husband and I celebrated 8 years married this month and also our son’s birthday. We went to a delicious Mediterranean restaurant called Zorba’s for the first time and it is now a favorite. We saw Dark Tower also. The food was amazing but the movie was ehhhh…seemed too rushed. School started this week for my son and my work also (I work at a mothers day out). Jiu Jitsu has been great since my first tournament at the first of the month. I didn’t place but I enjoyed the experience so much. My husband won first place in purple belt gi 2 weight classes heavier than him due to lack of competitors in his division. So proud of him!!!


I’m over my mood….jiu jitsu and me are friends again. 😂 I’m feeling better about it after my rolls Thursday and last night.

jitz blah still lingering

I thought I was going to be all in love with jiu jitsu again this week but I haven’t been. I have not enjoyed it one bit really and it has taken every ounce of willpower to even show up. I know it will pass. I feel so terrible at it right now….. I think it takes me so much longer to catch onto than others. Muay Thai wasn’t this hard to at least feel decent at. I know I will get there though.

Dear Jiu Jitsu


My goodness I have been a terrible blogger lately.  Many things have been going on but I haven’t forgotten about this.  First, the picture above is from training the other night with some of my favorite ladies at my gym, owner and gym Momma “Nana T” Tamara Benton and Pro MMA Fighter, wrestler, and the coolest hawaiian ever, Stephanie Geltmacher.  These ladies make me better all around….not just as a martial artist but as a person. (Oh and my husband in the background….he is amazing)

I got my 2nd stripe on my white belt recently.


After that, I went into a phase where I was experiencing some frustration with jiu jitsu.  I am in love with it most of the time but sometimes I go through these phases where it just makes me so ARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!  Haha….I hear and read that these phases are normal and probably why jiu jitsu is so transformative.  It does not come easy to me, infact, I find it extremely challenging which is why I love and respect it so much.  I feel like it is such a challenge to so much inside of you that you never knew was there.  That is why it is such a beautiful martial art.  Up until this past Friday, I was experiencing this frustration but Friday something changed….the frustration subsided and I found that good feeling again.  Jiu jitsu really makes you dig deep.   I am appreciative to my coaches, teammates, my husband, and especially the people a rolled with.  I am so much better at expressing myself through writing…I should say this to people in person more often.  You all help me more than you know.

Anyway, so I finally decided to do my first tournament.  It will be my son’s first time as well and my husband will also be competing for the first time in years.  (since before kids I believe)  I am now very excited about it and I am thankful for Hayes Electric for sponsoring us as well!

So to jiu jitsu….you piss me off sometimes but gosh darn it I love you!


That macro life

I find myself no longer craving bread and pasta. Learning about and tracking my macros has helped me retrain my brain to crave good carbs….something I never thought I could do!  

Today I had a couple small bites of my daughter’s breakfast burrito (wheat tortilla) but that is the only bread like product I had and I wasn’t that excited about it.