August is busy

My husband and I celebrated 8 years married this month and also our son’s birthday. We went to a delicious Mediterranean restaurant called Zorba’s for the first time and it is now a favorite. We saw Dark Tower also. The food was amazing but the movie was ehhhh…seemed too rushed. School started this week for my son and my work also (I work at a mothers day out). Jiu Jitsu has been great since my first tournament at the first of the month. I didn’t place but I enjoyed the experience so much. My husband won first place in purple belt gi 2 weight classes heavier than him due to lack of competitors in his division. So proud of him!!!


I’m over my mood….jiu jitsu and me are friends again. 😂 I’m feeling better about it after my rolls Thursday and last night.

jitz blah still lingering

I thought I was going to be all in love with jiu jitsu again this week but I haven’t been. I have not enjoyed it one bit really and it has taken every ounce of willpower to even show up. I know it will pass. I feel so terrible at it right now….. I think it takes me so much longer to catch onto than others. Muay Thai wasn’t this hard to at least feel decent at. I know I will get there though.

Dear Jiu Jitsu


My goodness I have been a terrible blogger lately.  Many things have been going on but I haven’t forgotten about this.  First, the picture above is from training the other night with some of my favorite ladies at my gym, owner and gym Momma “Nana T” Tamara Benton and Pro MMA Fighter, wrestler, and the coolest hawaiian ever, Stephanie Geltmacher.  These ladies make me better all around….not just as a martial artist but as a person. (Oh and my husband in the background….he is amazing)

I got my 2nd stripe on my white belt recently.


After that, I went into a phase where I was experiencing some frustration with jiu jitsu.  I am in love with it most of the time but sometimes I go through these phases where it just makes me so ARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!  Haha….I hear and read that these phases are normal and probably why jiu jitsu is so transformative.  It does not come easy to me, infact, I find it extremely challenging which is why I love and respect it so much.  I feel like it is such a challenge to so much inside of you that you never knew was there.  That is why it is such a beautiful martial art.  Up until this past Friday, I was experiencing this frustration but Friday something changed….the frustration subsided and I found that good feeling again.  Jiu jitsu really makes you dig deep.   I am appreciative to my coaches, teammates, my husband, and especially the people a rolled with.  I am so much better at expressing myself through writing…I should say this to people in person more often.  You all help me more than you know.

Anyway, so I finally decided to do my first tournament.  It will be my son’s first time as well and my husband will also be competing for the first time in years.  (since before kids I believe)  I am now very excited about it and I am thankful for Hayes Electric for sponsoring us as well!

So to jiu jitsu….you piss me off sometimes but gosh darn it I love you!


That macro life

I find myself no longer craving bread and pasta. Learning about and tracking my macros has helped me retrain my brain to crave good carbs….something I never thought I could do!  

Today I had a couple small bites of my daughter’s breakfast burrito (wheat tortilla) but that is the only bread like product I had and I wasn’t that excited about it.  

Protein powder: Six Star Whey+Isolate

I forgot to tell you all I am currently using a protein powder I actually found at Walmart.  Normally I use the one that is strictly isolate however they were out the other day so this one is isolate and concentrate mixed but it will do for this week.  It is only $20.  It tastes really good and mixes easily.  (And it has Russell Westbrook on the front!!  

Macros and life

So I got back on track by learning about macros.  Yeah, I know I am way behind.  

I started tracking my macros on MyFitnessPal in addition to my calorie intake I was already tracking.  First, I just ate whatever I normally ate for about a week or so and it obviously revealed in my macros that I ate way too many carbs.  I say obviously because everyone that knows me knows how much I love and was indulging in pasta and bread.  No surprise there.  However, I was surprised I didn’t eat enough protein.  

I read some various articles such as this one

I was only consuming maybe 50 grams of protein daily.  My goal weight is 140lbs so my daily protein intake should be 140 grams per day.  Then, I evaluated where I normally thought my protein was coming from and learned what to change to get such a significant increase.  First, nuts are great and all but they really don’t have much protein compared to a cup of Chobani Strawberry Greek Yogurt. (an example because it is my favorite now!)  

30 pieces of mixed nuts (less than 50% peanuts) has only 6 grams of protein

1 cup of my Chobani Strawberry Greek Yogurt has 19 grams!!! (It does have sugar which equals carbs, though, so I have to keep that in mind.  Carbs are not only your breads and pastas)

So things like that were eye opening because I, like many others, always thought of nuts as a significant protein source and I was wrong. 

Cottage cheese 1% is decent with 11 grams of protein for 1/2 cup (I like Dover Farms)

Other than that, I had to eat more eggs and lean meat.  I have never been a big meat eater but I do like chicken, turkey, and fish.  I will talk about that in another blog….

So glorious eggs….they have helped tremendously.  I am eating more chicken, tuna, and turkey as well.

I started this macro tracking about 4 weeks ago and I have made adjustments to that and calorie intake here and there.  The first 2 weeks were a lot of trial and error.  I learned I feel best at 30/40/30 (30% carbs/40%protein/30%fat)

I also feel best consuming 1500 calories daily while still creating a high enough calorie deficit to lose weight.  I used to eat 2200/day if not more some days.  Of course some days I have had 1600-1800 calories but I am improving week by week and mostly it is because I started taking baby steps which is different than I have ever done before.  Many people go on various fad diets, crash diets, whatever diet or exercise routine that will make them lose fast but it is only a short term solution.  I want something long term that is sustainable.  

Tracking my macros opened my eyes and now, in week 4, I already feel leaner.  I have lost 7 lbs (was up to 180lbs again 4 weeks ago) and I have plenty of energy for my muay thai and jiu jitsu classes.  The 4th week I officially made Saturdays my cheat day so no more frequent (ok almost daily) frozen yogurt cones except on Saturdays.  I had one this past Saturday and it was so amazing.  I am also letting myself have a cheat meal ON Saturdays… I had spaghetti and fettuccine with breadsticks from Fazoli’s and that part wasn’t worth it.  After eating so healthy this past week I felt like crap after the Fazoli’s. The idea of pasta and bread honestly disgusts me now two days later.  It motivates me to not cheat so bad next Saturday….I guess that is a win.

So with these changes I already have more energy, focus, and determination to stay the course on the way to changing my mind, body, and soul for the better and then to have the aspiration of one day helping others do the same.
So my next steps:

Start exercising at home in addition to my training in muay thai and jiu jitsu 3 times a week. I need routine so I have come up with a circuit to do and then I will change it up every month

Cut back on my caffeine intake…..drink more water