Windsor Dining Chairs from Target: Assembly time

We have been in need of dining chairs for awhile now and I finally bought some.  I purchased the Black and Cherry Wood Windsor chairs online from Target and it only took 3 days with standard free shipping so that was exciting. 

 The price was 2 for $87 but there was a $10 discount for purchases over $50 then my 5% Redcard discount, plus tax, I paid  about $79.  I bought another set of two separately to get another $10 discount. 

I put two of the four together last night and it was pretty easy although the instructions sent with the chairs would probably be better if they were reversed.  There are some scratches on the chairs so that is a bit annoying but I am just not picky enough to go through the trouble of returning them.  It isn’t very noticeable now that they are put together.  


Here are some of the blemishes on the chairs:

bottom of a seat

some scratches on top of another seat

But hey….the finished product looks fine.  I want to buy a nicer dining set but it isn’t a priority right now so this will do for now.  The table is mostly used to drop our bags on as you can see so it isn’t like we use it much for what it is intended. 😄


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